Helping Hands, a non-profit in India since 2020, focuses on improving the lives of disadvantaged elderly. Recognized with the 'UN Population Award 2020,' it advocates for the rights of the projected 138 million elderly in India, operating through 26 State Offices. The organization addresses elder needs and champions rights, including Universal Pension, Free Healthcare, and action against Elder Abuse, at national, state, and societal levels. It actively promotes elder-friendly policies and their implementation with governments.


We welcome all committed people, young or old, to come and volunteer for the cause of the elderly. In normal times or in times of disaster, volunteers play an active role.


Helping Hands is able to carry out its work on ground due to the generosity of its donors. Its largest supports are individuals who donate to the elder cause from their hard-earned money. Among them are also school children who want to make a difference and are motivated by teachers and parents, to do their bit for the elderly. On the other hand, Corporate Social Responsibility has increased over the years with more and more companies now choosing to do their bit for society. Companies donate in various ways – the foremost being supporting our projects in ground such as donating and supporting the running costs of our Mobile Healthcare Units, sponsoring Cataract surgeries and our Support a Gran program among others.



We realised the power of collective actions. Under our youth development initiatives, we help you kickstart a life in the field of NGO and social work. This online internship is designed to train you, give you the most wonderful learning experience and help you develop skills you will need as you tread ahead in life.



Reach out to people and convey your message, and then once a required amount is collected, you can withdraw it for the cause. Helping Hands is best in such fundraising activities as the platform is free, and you can withdraw money in the middle of the campaign, which you can use for your cause.